12 Hour Day Fishing Trip

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Running Time:

Around 3-4 hours out and back– between 4-6 hours fishing time in the deep waters

Distance: Cruising out 35 to 60 miles from shore to fish deep water wrecks, ledges and springs.

Depth: The average depth is over 120 feet

Trophy sized Amberjack, Grouper and Red Snapper when in season.

Cut bait (sardines & squid) provided on board at no extra charge.
Live Pinfish can be purchased for $9 per dozen by advanced reservation from The Bait Shack.
We suggest 1-2 dozen Pinfish per person on this trip. Communal live bait well on board.

$130.00+tax  for trip
$15+tax for rod rental

12 Hour Trip Meal Package:$18.70 + $1.54 (tax) + $3.37 (18 % gratuity) = $23.61 each

Includes: 2 Sandwiches (breakfast & lunch), 2 bags of chips, 2 candy or granola bars, 4 sodas, unlimited water with $2.25 Happy Hour Beer prices with the package

Tackle: We recommend 60-100 lb. test line, 6, 8, & 10 oz. sinkers, 7/0 – 10/0 hooks or rent a rod and we’ll supply  the tackle.

Please note – children must be age 12 or over to take this trip.

FAQs– Things to Know Before You Go !
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The Friendly Fisherman Layout

The Friendly Fisherman Layout

The 12 hour day trip is for advanced offshore anglers only. We run 40-60 miles out for big trophy fish. This long run only leaves 4-5 hours of fishing time out in super deep water. This means we only have a narrow window of deepwater fishing. We know where the fish are, but they could possibly not cooperate and when the bite is shut down the fishing is tough. However, when the bite is on during this narrow window it makes for an exciting experience with big fish coming up everywhere! You need to be experienced for this reason, because someone who isn’t quite as experienced makes it difficult for the people around them to land big fish out of super deep water. Party boat fishing takes team work and when everyone on your team knows what to do, it makes life much simpler. You’re only as strong as your weakest link, and an inexperienced angler fishing in 120+ foot of water is definitely the weak link.