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Hubbard’s Marina Fishing Report 12-13-19

 Fishing report


Full moon was yesterday so this weekend’s bite should be pretty good on the back side of the full moon. Plus, with the full moon we have larger tides and more water moving around creating more action and more feeding opportunities. Look for that water flow in the passes, rivers, points or pockets of the inshore fishing areas to find the best area to catch plenty of fish inshore. Also one great tip is looking for actively feeding wading birds. These wading birds on the flats are a great sign that there will be some predatory fish ready to eat your lure or live baits.

The snook bite is going well up in the bay around the mouths of the bayous or rivers. Pinellas point area, south shore of Tampa bay and upper Tampa bay and the inner side of the intercostal are great areas to find these guys ready to eat. The snook, trout and redfish are all feeding better later in the day after the sun gets a chance to warm up the local waters a little bit to get them more active and ready to cooperate.

Redfish bite has been going very well around the residential docks in our back bay areas, around the upper bay area shorelines, oyster bars and grass flats. They are loving smaller live pinfish, cut bait or slower moving soft plastic lures. Gold spoons are a great option for these guys too, but remember to work them as slowly as possible. Keep an eye out for schools of mullet around the seawalls, oyster bars or grass flats often a few nice redfish will follow these guys around. Mostly the bite is best during mid-day or later afternoon but a few of them have been found overnight too.

Trout fishing is really good this time of year they are really excited with the cooler waters and we are seeing some truly monster trout for our area being caught right now. They are biting really well during the day but through the night time too the trout bite has been really hot too especially with the full moon casting more light around the inshore waters. They love live shrimp or live greenbacks but the artificial paddle tails or soft swim baits work well for these guys too. Like the redfish and snook you have to remember to slow your retrieve a little since the local waters are cooler.

The flounder action around the area is starting to pick up but its not really hot quite yet. The best place to find them is definitely the more sandy bottomed areas adjacent to grass flats or any structure that will hold bait or crustaceans like docks, seawalls, bridges or jetties. They are ambush predators that hide on the bottom to surprise passing baits so whenever you are targeting these unique looking great eating fish you want to work your bait super slowly or use some light weight on your live bait to ensure its sitting on the bottom.

Sheepshead are biting very well this time of year too like the trout the cooler waters make them super prolific and aggressive around the structures like docks, bridges, piers, jetties and anything that will hold oysters, barnacles or crustaceans. They love to eat cut clams, cut oysters, barnacles, fiddler crabs, or small pieces of shrimp on lighter tackle with 2ot hooks.

Triple tail are super thick right now around the bay and along the beaches around the markers, buoys and floating debris. Hitting them in the early morning before they get bombarded by multiple anglers trying to get them to eat. Earlier you get out there the better luck you will have getting them to eat your live shrimp on light tackle.

Near Shore –

Hogfish bite has been HOT lately around the near shore waters from around 40-70ft of water. They are doing very well on our 5 hour half days, 10 hour all days and the near shore private fishing charters in that depth range for hogfish. Live shrimp are the best option for the hogfish for plenty of action and hogfish bites. Some really do well with those Nekid ball jigz around 1-2oz putting a live shrimp on them while targeting the hogfish. Christina Fernandez, from Orlando, went out on a 5 hour half day and caught a full day’s limit of 5 hogfish during that 5 hour half day using the 1oz green Nekid ball jig tipped with double shrimp. I like using a knocker rig style set up for the hogfish with a 1oz egg sinker and a 3-4ot hook with a live shrimp for bait. Others enjoy using a jig head set up for the hogfish with live shrimp too. Any of these three methods will give you a shot at a nice hogfish near shore this time of year.

Grouper fishing has been going pretty well near shore as of late. Around near shore waters the red grouper seem to be pretty active from around 50-100ft of water to our west and south west. While to our north and around the mouth of Tampa bay the gag grouper seem to be biting and cooperating best. Either species really are going after the friskier live baits right now but as waters continue to cool those smellier and oily dead baits become more and more effective.

Mackerel and kingfish are still around right now but its definitely starting to cool down near shore. They love the clearer waters and areas that are holding live baits like bigger rock piles or artificial reefs. The best way to target them in bulk is by trolling around with some planners and spoons with 12-18ft of 60lb test between the planner and spoons or the bigger rapala xraps to specifically target those kingfish while trolling.


Right now the grouper fishing out deep is going very well past around 120ft of water out to nearly 200ft of water we are seeing very active gag grouper and a few red grouper and scamp grouper too. The gags are the big news lately though as they are closing soon so we are working hard to primarily target them but after they close end of December we will be switching gears and tactics to target the red grouper more. Right now the gags are on the ledges and we are seeing more of the red grouper on the potholes and flat hard bottom areas. However, occasionally you will find a few of each in the same area or same piece of bottom. The big live baits like the near shore waters are the top pick for grouper baits as of late.

The big mangrove snapper are cooperating very well offshore right now on the smaller live pinfish or the cut threadfin plugs on the double snell rigs. We are using a little heavier mangrove snapper tackle than normal to ensure we have a shot to land the occasional gag grouper that may bite while you are targeting the mangroves but typically it would be around 40-50lb test leader while this time of year we typically would start using 60lb to target the mangroves in case a bigger fish grabs your mangrove snapper bait.

We are seeing some nice blackfin tuna around lately as well on the flat lines, occasional on the troll and many on the vertical jigs. Great time to get out there and have a rod ready if you spot the tuna action while offshore fishing!

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Upcoming up at Hubbard’s Marina

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Captain Jack’s dolphin corner

Great time to join us for some relaxing time on the water during our Dolphin watching nature cruise and eco tour at Hubbard’s Marina inside Johns Pass aboard our big blue boat closest to the Johns Pass bridge! The mullet are flushing out of the back bays slowly and that’s causing our local dolphins to group up into large groups to feed on these unsuspecting fish as they swim into the passes to stage up for their near shore spawn. Plus, when these large groups get together typically they tend to really show off to each other and work together to school up these fish. These large actively feeding pods are tons of fun to watch and spot while on our cruises.

Also, due to the awesome temps its nice and cool and not so hot on the water. However, for us Floridians it maybe a little chilly so make sure to have a light jacket if you are a local with friends attending our on the water adventures!

Lots of seabird activity at our local bird nesting islands. Lots of Juvenile birds have become young adults and they are still goofy and uncoordinated so its fun to cruise by the island and watch their antics as they play together and learn their socialization skills.

We have a good number of bald eagles returning to the area from up north to stay warm for the winter. Great time to spot lots of these majestic large birds of prey while on the water with us at Hubbard’s Marina!

This time of year is our favorite time of year for amazing sunsets unlike any other! Great time to join us for one of our sunset cruises at Hubbard’s Marian because the weather is making some outstanding colorful views for the lucky visitors and locals who join us for our daily sunset cruise that offers FREE beer and wine every night around 7pm.

Call us today to book your dolphin tour at (727)393-1947 and get more information on this trip at our website here -> https://hubbardsmarina.com/dolphin-watching-cruises/

Tampa bay ferry News

Great time to head out to the islands with us at Tampa bay ferry by Hubbard’s Marina from Fort De Soto Park! We have two ferry options right now, the Egmont key ferry from the fort De Soto bay pier then also the shell key ferry from the fort De Soto boat ramp.

The shark’s teeth have been the highlight lately out at the islands with some very large teeth found out at Egmont key and a few at shell key recently. Behind the cold fronts the islands get fresh rounds of great shells and a few of these sharks’ teeth too!

We are seeing lots of active seabirds around the islands with the cooler temps some of our norther friends like bald eagles come down to join us on our beautiful beaches as well!

Plus, the dolphins have been very active as of late adding a special bonus to our ferry guests as they ride from Fort De Soto out to Egmont key or Shell Key islands! 

The Egmont key ferry from Fort De Soto offers 11am ferry rides to the island Tuesday- Sunday this time of year out to Egmont Key Island! You get three hours on the island after around a 20-30 minute ride out and back to the island. Plus, we often see dolphins, seabirds and sometimes even sea turtles on the ride out and back thus the ride time can fluctuate a bit depending on what we spot during the cruise out to your island oasis! For more info on the Egmont key ferry, visit this page of the Hubbard’s Marina website – https://hubbardsmarina.com/egmont-key-ferry-cruise/  

Our Shell key ferry trips are a great way to spend the day and offer more flexible schedules compared to the rigid Egmont key schedule! We offer these trips Firday through Monday until the end of November from the boat ramp at Fort De Soto County Park and they run at 10am, noon and 2pm and the final return time is 4pm! You have much more flexibility during the shell key trips compared to our Egmont key ferry because you get to choose the time you return to fort de Soto from Shell key! If you’re looking for plenty of time on the island and great shelling opportunities then the shell key ferry trip is your best bet! Check out all the information on this special ferry ride at this link – https://hubbardsmarina.com/shell-key-ferry/

Regular’s club

We have finished our regular’s club renewals for 2020. We have officially called and emailed all the guests who were active members this year to see if they are ready to renew. If you are an active member and have not renewed, there is no big rush but it helps a lot to get resigned up for next year sooner than later.

If you are not an active member, but you’d like to be we are doing our NEW member sign ups. Give me a call or email and we can talk about the clubs and get you signed up ASAP. Once you sign up your discount becomes active and stays active until December 31st, 2019!

Remember, you can now call or TEXT our main office line – (727)393-1947

Captain Dylan Hubbard

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