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Weather Greatly affects Fishing
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Fishing Trips

Hubbard’s Marina is the ORIGINAL and longest running party boat, private charter, and dolphin watch company in the entire state of Florida. Our Family business was founded back in 1928 and for over 85+ years we have cruised and fished local waters and after all these long years, we’re still family owned and operated. We have multiple trips that you can catch plenty of good fish to eat! We offer 5 hour day trips to target grey snapper, five hour night trips that also target grey snapper, five hour night shark fishing trips, ten hours that target red grouper and grey snapper, 12 hour long range day trips for amberjack and large red grouper, 12 hour night snapper trips that go out for mangrove snapper, and finally we offer 39 hour trips that catch grouper, snapper and amberjack!

Estimate 2018 Fishing seasons

All year long – red grouper open


March-April – Gray trigger fish

(First time open in years)


May, August through October – Greater Amberjack


June 1st until hopefully mid-July – American red snapper

(Depending on what happens with new MSST and ACL overages in Private REC landings at SERO)


June-Dec – gag grouper open


REMEMBER – we catch mangrove snapper, yellowtails, porgies, scamp and many other fish all year around along with these ‘main’ species above!
Kingfish and mackerel run in spring and fall but we can get em’ all summer too. Tuna around most often in cooler months especially on new or full moons. Wahoo in the spring and summer

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