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Fall fishing is great! However, you have be more mindful of the weather… during the summer weather is perfectly nearly all the time minus the occasional tropical system! Due to that the waters can get hot and still and fish spread out to forage and it can be slow mid-day. In the fall, the waters get stirred up regularly due to high and low pressures and the fish stay more grouped up on the ledges. Cooling water temps bring the gags closer to shore (coming soon), hogfish get more concentrated and aggressive in the 30-70 foot ares (started and will only get better, and the kingfish and mackerel do their fall run from the northern gulf south (in the middle of this now). Thanks to all the fish moving around and grouping up fishing can be GREAT but they are very weather dependent. Remember, rising or falling barometers are the best times to fish.. I prefer a falling barometer but either works! When we get high pressures that sit on us and high pressure stagnates and the barometer gets stuck on high fish can get lock jaw, when the pressure dumps due to a low pressure (cold front) the fish also get lock jaw… ahead of these systems as the barometer falls or raises is when fishing is best, OR a few days after the system moves past the barometer starts adjusting back to normal and fishing is great again. THIS is why timing becomes so important this time of year… you can watch the weather links page of Hubbard’s Marina’s website to monitor whats going on: OR you can cheat a little and ask ME by msging the Hubbard’s Marina facebook page! Do not message my personal page, as I get lots of spam and dont monitor it as often… I will help you to pick the BEST possible weather and fishing day to help you book a trip in which you should hopefully be the MOST successful as possible because at #HubbardsMarina we truly care about our fishing friends and want to help them learn how to be the most successful offshore as possible!

If you want to learn more about offshore or nearshore fishing join me at the upcoming Reel Animals Fishing Show fishing conversation on Nov 14th

Thanks for following our page and for fishing with us at Hubbard’s Marina!
Tight lines and good times, 
Capt. Dylan Hubbard
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