Hubbard's Marina: Has been fishing the local waters for over 90+ years and 4 generations.

Sun-Sat: 6:00a - 7:00p

Open Year Round


and certified for safety

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Download Hubbard’s Marina printable brochure with complete info and pricing.

We’re here all year! Please call for departure times. Reservations are suggested. A minimum number of fares required on all tours. Schedule, Prices and fuel charges subject to change without notice.

Helpful Cruise Hints SUNSCREEN for our Florida-intense sun! Hats advisable. Carry a drink when hiking on the island, & watch the time. Be back to the ferry boat a few minutes early. Proper footwear recommended for wading & hiking. Bring cash for the snack bar for drinks and snacks. Make the beautiful sights memorable with a camera and binoculars. Clothing required on ferry boat and on the island. Reference books available aboard on sea life, wildlife, and history.