63 Hour Pelagic/Deep Drop Fishing Trip

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18 Person Max

2 day bag limit, MONSTER FISH

Trip Cost:  $840 + tax
Rod & Reel Rental NOT AVAILABLE on party boat deep drop unless private charter.
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Average running time 12-13 hrs. out –12-13 hours back, during which you can troll for sailfish, marlin, tuna, waho, kingfish.

Approximately 30-35 Hours hours bottom fishing time in 300-1,200 foot for gags, snowy, yellowedge, tilefish, and more!

Distance: Cruising out up to 120-150 miles to the Florida Middle Grounds, and  surrounding areas , home to pristine coral ledges, hard bottom, potholes and natural springs that hold large numbers of hard fighting , quality game fish.

Catch: In the deep water we catch snowy grouper, yellowedge grouper, warsaw grouper, tilefish, barrelfish, conger eels, long tailed bass, and others.

In the ‘shallow’ 200-400 foot waters we catch Gag grouper, Red grouper, Scamp grouper, Amberjack, Red snapper, Mangrove snapper, Mutton snapper, and Cubera snapper. Keep in mind there are seasons on some of these species so check out the [fishing regulations](https://hubbardsmarina.com/fishing-regulations-gulf-of-mexico/) page to see whats open.

While trolling, flat line fishing or pitch bait fishing you could catch King mackerel, Mahi, wahoo, blackfin tuna and occasionally even sport fish like sailfish or marlin.


Cut squid and threadfins are provided on board at no extra charge. Pinfish do work well for the ‘shallow waters’ on the way out or while flat line or pitch bait fishing but it’s simply an extra option. You don’t NEED it, but it does work well some days better than others. Live pinfish work well for the big grouper, amberjack, red snapper and big mangroves. You can also purchase frozen bonita in the shop before leaving the dock that makes great cut bait for deep drop fishing, but you also have an opportunity to catch them while trolling on the way offshore.

Live shrimp is not recommended on this trip.

pinfish must be ordered 48 hours in advanced or more ($9 per dozen)

Each angler has their own personal live well that is the same number as their spot number.

We recommend 3-4 doz pinfish per angler if you so choose


You want to bring 4-6 rods:

For deep drop fishing we would recommend an electric reel like a daiwa tanacom 1000 or something comparable that can fit plenty of line to fish up to one thousand foot of water. We typically use 80lb braid in the electric reels. then we put 100lb test mono top shot on top of the braided line. The leader is typically 125lb with 3-4 10-12ot hooks and a 1,2,3 or 5lb bank sinker.

On the way out to the deep water fishing sometimes we stop in 200-400 foot. In that area you would want the follow tackle:

For mangrove snapper, porgies, vermillion and yellowtails we would recommend a high speed reel or two speed reel with 40-50lb test, 4oz lead, and 6ot double snelled hooks. If you don’t know how to tie a double snell knot, check out this video: [How to tie double snell rig](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiaOiD1Bcvs)

For red grouper, red snapper and average gags a 6ot reel with 60-80lb test, 6-8oz leads and 7-8ot hooks.

For big gags and Amberjack we recommend a bigger 9ot reel with 100lb test and maybe even 125lb leader with 8oz lead and 10ot hooks would be great

If you want to troll on the way out, we recommend using at least a 9ot reel or a two speed 50-80 wide and for more info on trolling recommendation check out the [FAQs](https://hubbardsmarina.com/faqs/) page.

Spinning rods are not recommended for bottom fishing, but you can use them for knocker rig fishing, flat line fishing or pitch bait fishing. We would recommend 5000-8000 size reels and 50lb test line.

What To Bring: This is a long range advanced angler trip. You will want to bring three to four changes of clothes for the trip. You want to pack like you’re going camping so bring a sleeping bag, pillow and maybe a sheet to sleep with on your assigned bunk. We do have a shower on board and many like to take a shower after fishing before going to sleep on the way home so make sure you have stuff to shower with like soap, towel and toothbrush and toothpaste. We do recommend some shower sandals too. If you got one bring a small 6-12 pack cooler and a big thing of salt to brine your dead bait on the way offshore. If you’re not renting a rod make sure to bring your own tackle for the trip as well. Also, Closed toe shoes, we recommend fishing boots as the best footwear (anything else at your own risk). Cash if you want to buy food or drink from galley if you don’t have meal plan and to join the jackpot for largest fish. Finally, make sure to check FAQs page below for helpful info on what NOT to bring.

Notes: This trip is like a two day camping trip, so don’t forget to bring a sleeping bag, pillow, toiletries, towel, and change of clothes. Bunks and hot showers included; meals available in the “Galley”.

For more information on tackle and a list of what to bring with you check our –  Frequently Asked Questions – “Things to Know Before You Go !”

63 HR Trip Meal Package:
$57.20 + $4.73 (tax) + $10.30 (gratuity) = $72.23 each

Includes 3 dinners, 4 sandwiches (breakfast & lunch), 4 bags of chips, 4 candy or granola bars, 8 sodas, unlimited water with $2.25 Happy Hour Beer prices with the package


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Florida Fisherman Layout

FLF aka Florida fisherman Layout

Electric reels are not required just highly recommended, those without electrics didn’t hit their limits but those with electric reels easily limited out with ease!


You MUST bring your own rod for this trip we will NOT rent tackle for this trip – only trip at Hubbard’s marina we don’t offer tackle for because we want to ensure only the most experienced and committed anglers get on board


Also there will be NO DISCOUNT on this trip for ANYONE including regular’s club guys


Only 18 anglers will be allowed, and spots don’t really matter since we generally adjust their positions based on currents and what type of fishing were doing

MUST supply own power source for their electric reels – we will NOT supply power for good reason: if we had chords running to their electric reels and one of the many monster grouper we catch hit the chord and pierced the jacket it would cause their expensive electric reel to short out – this is why we say they must bring their own power supply in water tight container whether it’s a square bucket or official batter box

Braid is a MUST on this trip, we recommend 60-80lb braid on your electric reel with NO top shot… just straight braid to your swivel to ensure the tide won’t affect your line heavily

Trolling- you can troll anytime boat is underway. We recommend large capacity two speed reels for this. Braid backing is a must in case you hook sailfish or marlin. Trolling close to shore we use spoons behind planners, offshore we use cedar plugs, skirts and marauder lures – all of which we sell in shop so come down and we will show you what works! We will have rigged bally-who available too in the shop. Many guys used their electric reels for their trolling set-up just requires a wind-on leader to be applied on top of your braid.

Rental Rod for 63 hour

We do NOT rent rods on our 63 hour trip. This is the ONLY trip at Hubbard’s Marina that we don’t rent rods for. There’s two main reasons we don’t offer rod and reel rentals on this trip. The first reason is the pure cost of doing so. The electric reels we use and recommend are the Diawa Tanacom 1000’s that retail for $675 in our shop and with your 10% off for booking a 63 hour they are around $605 but with the cost of the rod included that’s around a $750 asset to rent out, also at Hubbard’s Marina we include tackle with rod rentals and on this 63 hour you must use LARGE sash weights that are very heavy led weights. With tackle and rod and reel costs the rental price would be in the 3-500 dollar range. This is the main reason we can’t offer rentals it just wouldn’t be practical for our guests or for us since the fish we catch on this trip truly put our tackle to the test.

The second reason we don’t offer rental tackle is to ensure we only have the most experienced, dedicated, extreme anglers on board. This 63 hour is our LONGEST and MOST unique fishing experience we offer at Hubbard’s Marina and we do our best to ensure a high quality experience. When we offer rental gear it allows someone to pay a bit more and to get on any trip they want if they have the money but not providing this option it helps us to ensure a higher quality experience.

However, if you are interested in going and don’t have electric reels we do have them in our office for sale and we can even order you other models if your interested. Keep in mind we recommend electrics but they aren’t required. Some guys use two speed reels and do okay as well but the electrics definitely make fishing in 1,000 foot of water much easier. If you want to use a two speed, lets be sure it’s big enough! Email Dylan Hubbard at [email protected] to discuss the finer specs of the reels required. You need some serious line capacity to fish 1,000 foot of water. We use 60-80lb straight braid on our tanacom 1000’s to hit and hold bottom in that super deep water.

Before you go fishing deeper than 70-90 foot of water you MUST know how to properly vent a fish you release!

here’s a great place to learn proper do’s and don’ts of venting a fish: https://www.saltstrong.com/articles/how-to-vent-fish/

What NOT to bring on the Boat!

  1.  Glass – unsafe on boats
  2. Alcohol -Due to Florida law they will not allow alcohol on board boats with alcohol licenses ( Florida Fisherman, Friendly Fisherman, Sea Adventure 1) because our license lets us sell it and the tax man wants his cut.  However, on our private charter boats like the HUB, Mrs. HUB and Flying HUB 2 DO NOT have alcohol licenses, you can bring beer or wine (no liquor and no glass) on these boats. (12 hour EXTREME aboard Flying HUB 2 – you CAN BRING YOUR OWN BEER)
  3. Firearms – no matter your permit you can’t bring firearms due to USCG law (just like on a plane)
  4. Illegal drugs – if it’s illegal on the dock leave it on the dock, or else we will have to call the USCG and have cops waiting on dock… please don’t put us in this position
  5. Bananas- They are bad luck on a fishing boat
  6. on 10,12,39,44 and 63 hours we do NOT allow ELECTRONICS – excludes basic digital camera BUT IT DOES INCLUDE: no cell phones, computers, ipad, kindles, ipods, or anything else that receives GPS signals – phones don’t send or receive txts or make calls once you’re offshore so you can only use it as a camera this is why we allow you to bring those cameras. However, dishonest people can use their phones to steal spots because you don’t need a cell signal to do this only satellite signal which is never lost offshore.
  7. No coolers larger than 48 quarts.
  8.  NO PERSONAL LIVEWELLS – you are more than welcome to bring your own bait and load it into the livewells onboard our boat.
  9. Please remember the following guidelines & policies are strictly enforced. Thank you for your cooperation.
    • NO back-less Sandals or Flip-Flop shoes, are recommended on any boat, wear at your own risk!
    • NO foul language or disruptive behavior on board.
    • NO children 12 and under on specialty trips unless signed off by management.
    • Children under 12 on other trips must be accompanied by adult.
    • NO Rod/ Reel rentals for children under 6. OK to share adults.
    • NO equipment, gear, or coolers on Dock area until Dockmaster announces to do so.

    All trips subject to availability. Minimum # of fares required on all trips.