12 Hour Night Fishing Trip

Tackle: You want to bring high gear ratio reel to help you set the hook on the fast mangrove snapper. For the rod, you want a medium strength rod with a sensitive tip to help feel the bite. Forty pound test is best for the snapper leaders with 3-5ot double snelled hooks.

If you don’t know how to double snell the mates can teach you on the way out.

Braid is okay on these trips but top shot is a must

Mangrove snapper – you want to use cut sardines for these guys and the mates will show you how to hook them

You might also want to bring a 60-80lb rod with a medium gear ratio reel for the grouper

  • 7-9ot hook with 80lb leader – bait: live pinfish, sardine, or squid strip

This trip does NOT go out far enough for amberjack or red snapper

Good trip to use glow beads on your leaders… we sell them in the shop by the swivels

Small pinfish work great for monster mangrove snapper so live bait is a good idea for this trip, also mangrove snapper LOVE large shrimp so select shrimp is great idea too for this trip

Cigar minnows in bait freezer are great upgraded dead bait for the mangroves

Run time
1 and a half to 2 and a half hour ride out and back 7-9 hours fishing time.

Distance: Cruising out 15 to 35 from shore.

Depth: The average depth is over 60-120 feet of water.

Catch: mangrove snapper, gag grouper, vermillion snapper, porgies, black sea bass, hogfish, yellowtail, kingfish in spring and fall.

Cut bait (sardines & squid) provided on board at no extra charge.
$9 per dozen for pinfish, must be ordered more than 48hrs in advance.  Great for grouper and big mangroves. 1-2 dozen recommended.
$4 per dozen for live shrimp they are good for mangroves, hogfish, yellowtail, and other snapper (4 dozen recommended)

Fare: $129.00
Rod and Reel rental: $15.00

12 Hour Trip Meal Package:

12 Hour Trip Meal Package:$18.70 + $1.54 (tax) + $3.37 (18 % gratuity) = $23.61 each

Includes: 2 Sandwiches (breakfast & lunch), 2 bags of chips, 2 candy or granola bars, 4 sodas, unlimited water with $2.25 Happy Hour Beer prices with the package.

Please note – children must be age 12 or over to take this trip.

FAQs– Things to Know Before You Go !

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Tackle: We recommend 50-80 lb. test line, 4, 6, & 8 oz. sinkers, 5/0 and 7/0 hooks.

How to tie a Double Snell Hook Rig – Click Here

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The 12 hour night trip is a snapper trip. We don’t go quite as far on this trip, only about 25-30 miles out. This means you get more fishing time, about 6-7 hours since your only riding for 2-3 hours of running time. Since we’re not quite as far, were not in as quite as deep water! This trip doesn’t require as much experience. However, to do well and catch a lot of mangrove snapper you have to be pretty good since mangrove snapper are one of the hardest to catch. They bite quickly and aggressively and you only have a few seconds to set the hook. We recommend a double snell hook rig for them and we would be happy to show you how to tie this.

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