10 Hour All Day Fishing Trip

Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday

 Departs : 7:00 AM

 Returns : 5:00 PM

 Average running time:
Hour and a half to two hours out and back – Six Hours Fishing Time

Cruising out anywhere from 15-25 miles to fish around 60-100 feet at the captains discretion.  We will do our best to put you on cooperative fish where we know they are biting best.  We work hard to provide the most action and best opportunity to be as successful as possible.

Fare: $90.00
Rod and Reel Rental: $15.00

Children 11 and under half-price

All Day Meal Package: $18.70 + $1.54 (tax) + $3.37 (18 % gratuity) = $23.61 each

Includes: 2 Sandwiches (breakfast & lunch), 2 bags of chips, 2 candy or granola bars, 4 sodas, unlimited water with $2.25 Happy Hour Beer prices with the package

Catch: We target gag grouper, red grouper, scamp grouper, mangrove snapper and hogfish. However, this is our shortest trip with a chance for grouper so you will see many grey snapper (grunts), porgies, and seabass landed too. Especially if you use small pieces of cut squid and light tackle you will have tons of action and catch plenty of the smaller great eating fish. If you want the big fish you gotta use the big tackle and big baits like cut squid strips or whole threadfins with the tail cut off but you also need big patience as the bites even on a great trip are a little fewer and further between on the bigger smarter grouper.

Tackle suggestions: For the grouper we would recommend 60 to 80lb test line, 6oz sinker and 7/0 hook on a 6/0 reel with low to medium gear ratio on a medium heavy rod. For the snapper species, we would recommend 40-50lb test line, 4oz sinker and 4/0 to 5/0 hook on a 4/0 high speed or even better two speed reel with a medium action rod with a sensitive tip. In addition to these rods and reels, you could bring a 4000-5000 series spinning reel for when the bite slows down or you want to use shrimp on a medium action spinning rod with a good backbone and light tip. We would use 20lb main line and 30-40lb leader with the spinning combo. for lead sizes on the spinners 3/4-1 ounce lead work well with 3/0-4/0 hooks.

Bait: Cut squid and threadfins are provided on board at no extra charge. Live shrimp and live pinfish do work well but it’s simply and extra option. You don’t NEED it, but it does work well some days better than others. Live pinfish work well for the grouper. Live shrimp works well for the hogfish and mangroves we will cover it more in depth in your pre-boarding seminar before the trip and you can purchase it the morning of your trip after the seminar before boarding if you so choose.

pinfish must be ordered 48 hours in advanced or more ($9 per dozen)


Live shrimp can be purchased the morning of, or ahead of time either way ($10 for two doz in a bait bucket, $20 for five doz in a bait bucket)

Communal live well available on board.


We recommend 1-2 doz pinfish per angler if you so choose

We recommend 2-5 doz shrimp per angler if you so choose

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The Friendly Fisherman Layout